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December 2017
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I Hate to Tell you This but…

ListenYou ever have someone around you that says “I hate to tell you this but…” and then they go off on some negative comment about you or something you do? Do they really “hate to tell you this?” I think they can’t wait to tell you “this” and by prefacing it with “I hate to tell you…” they absolve themselves from hurt feelings and are free to tell you exactly how you feel. Of course that is not how the recipient receives it so the whole point is rather moot. Read more »

How PVC Changed my Life

PVCYesterday I posted about my participation in a group called Melee. In a nutshell, you dressed up in medieval garb, grabbed weapons made from padded PVC and competed in mock battles. The ultimate issue of the post was that you should keep your head in stressful situations, but I also mentioned how joining this group changed my life forever. It sounds melodramatic, but it is true. This just goes to show you that even the most innocent things can have a huge impact on your life. Read more »

Balance on the Battlefield

MeI have always been a dork. It has taken years for me to realize this, but unfortunately it is true. As much as I’d like to be as cool and debonair as James Bond, there will always be that sliver of dorkiness in me that prevents a complete transformation. So then it should come as no shock that for a period of years I enjoyed dressing up in medieval garb and beating on other like-minded fools with padded PVC swords and spears. Truthfully, it was very fun and it had a profound impact on my life, but that is a discussion for a different post. Suffice it to say that for many years, you could find me at a city park on Saturday afternoon engaging in mock battles with 50 or 100 others. It was quite a spectacle (if you want to see what it is about, check out Read more »

An Old Joke

GravesA wealthy person passed away one day and while those around were sad, the thought of how his estate would be divided up became the talk of everyone who knew him. The time came for the reading of the will and the attorney contacted all who were listed in it. They all sat inside a room, anxious to see what would be bequeathed to them. The attorney began to read the will and slowly worked his way down the list. One person, Dave, was excited when he heard what others were receiving. It seemed like everyone’s gift was very valuable. Soon only Dave was left. “And to Dave, my friend, who I promised to mention in my will: hi Dave.” Read more »

Helping Others

DealLike most people, I find it very easy to see where others are out of balance. Given the opportunity, I can point out where they are struggling and implement a four step plan to fix that issue. It seems so obvious to me that if they would just listen to me that I could make their life better. Years later, they’ll drop me a line that says they could never be where they are today if not for my help back then. Don’t worry about my issues; we are not here to talk about that. We are here for me to help you. Sound familiar? Read more »