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December 2017
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Time Management

It’s a New Television Season

So here we are in September, which means that the major TV channels are inundating us with their latest “Must See TV” shows. I used to be pretty pumped when a new season came around, but over the past few years, I’ve become much more jaded. In fact, I actually look at it as kind of a disappointment. During the summer I had very few things that tied me down at a certain time, but now certain nights of the week I have obligations. It is too bad that there are a few shows that I really like. Read more »

Balance in Writing

WritingSo my wife and I are embarking on a second novel. We’ve outlined everything and have a nice entertaining story plotted out. We know what our characters look like, what their history is, and most importantly, what happens to them. We know what the major settings are like and a chapter-by-chapter breakdown all done up. We have pages of data created for this book. In fact, all that is left is to write the silly thing. Read more »

Enjoy the Now

NowOne of my continuing issues is that I’m either hashing over things that happened in the past or I’m concerning myself with things that may/will happen in the future. While my brain is frittering away on these thoughts, it is completely missing the now and all the amazing things associated with it. Contrast that with my children who often do not know what they will be doing ten minutes in the future, let along ten days. They live almost totally in the now and enjoy much less stress because of it. Read more »

Balance in the Church

CrossI was talking with a friend last night over dinner about this blog. It got me thinking about what it was that prompted me to really consider balance in all things to be a workable, healthy mantra. I remember feeling overwhelmed with everything going on and being relieved if there was just one night a week where I did not have something that needed to be done. I realized that running from appointment to appointment was no way to live a life, so I examined what was causing all of this activity? There were quite a few things going on in my life, but the one that caused the most activity was church. Read more »

The 80/20 Rule

BusinessThere is a common axiom in business called the 80/20 rule. It means that in general, 80% of your X is caused by 20% of your Y. That is 80% of your revenue is generated by 20% of your customers or 80% of the work is performed by 20% of the people. While the numbers may not be accurate, the basic idea that a majority of something is usually caused by a minority of something else is accepted as fact. What is an interesting question to ask is can we apply this to our personal life? Read more »