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Dealing with Rejection

TypingSo last year I finished my first novel. I was pretty stoked because the process went pretty smoothly and I’m quite satisfied with the results. I sent it to a few friends to read over and the results are positive. I edit and tweak the story and have proclaimed it finished (until a publisher tells me to make changes). Once all that was finished I was left with a strange sense of “now what.”

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Marriage is What Brings us Together Today

WeddingI love my wife. She is easily the best thing that has happened to me and I feel very lucky considering she once told her friends that she would never date me. We dated six years before we got married and I figured that all of the major issues that would impact our relationship had been dealt with by then. I see you shaking your head. Yeah I was wrong on that one.

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It’s All Too Much

ClutterFor a while there my wife and I loved to watch Clean Sweep. The premise was that this team of people would come in, clean out two rooms in your house, and then redecorate them and make you get rid of a ton of stuff. Then you’d come back into your room and be surprised with the results. It was a fun show and the change in these peoples’ lives was amazing and noticeable.

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Fighting the Weight Gain

In most aspects of my life I am able to keep in balance with little effort. The main exception is in the case ofScale my weight. Here it is truly a war between what I want to do versus what I should do. I find it interesting that seeking balance in other aspects of my life is challenging but fairly easy to accomplish, but when it comes to food I really want that next bite. Read more »

People of Action

ActionThis year instead of New Year Resolutions, my wife and decided to adopt a New Year’s mantra. We tell ourselves that we are “people of action.” It is our hope that through this mantra, we will better balance our time and stress.

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