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roadFor some strange reason I remember a snippet from the Driver’s Ed class I took back in 10th grade. They were trying to get a bunch of us 15 ½ year-olds to pay attention to the road and make smart decisions in a short amount of time. So if up ahead I see flashing yellow lights, I decide to slow down and move over to the right lane, for instance. The method they taught for this was IPDE: Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute. Read more »

Why do we Like to be Down?

DepressedWhen I was writing yesterday’s post I chuckled to myself at the fact that there are times I truly enjoy be down or depressed. I’m grumpy and annoyed at everything and yet this is the attitude I choose to have. If something starts to cheer me up I get more annoyed at it. Now we all have emotional cycles of ups and downs, but what is it that makes me feel that I’d enjoy be down more than up?

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Happiness is a Choice

Lovely DaySo at the end of last year I had the opportunity to change positions in the company I work for. While it was a lateral move for me it would give me a greater chance for promotion and would also give me something new to do. I accepted the new position but it took a couple of months before I could transition to it due to hiring my replacement and a few other issues. Now change can cause some stress in me, more so than it should, so this two months of being in between two jobs was a little rough on me. Read more »

Am I Out of Balance?

compassThe whole goal of Balance in All Things is so I can better identify when I start to get out of balance. If I detect it early, I can make a minor correction to my life and carry on with little impact. Unfortunately, it usually takes a major issue to crop up before I realize how out of balance I am and by then there are repercussions that typically need to be dealt with. The trick, of course, is knowing when I am veering off course. It would be great if there were a device I could buy, say a life compass that would start blinking as my balance wanes. Read more »

Getting Some Zzzzs

BedWe had thunderstorms roll through last night again which meant that I did not get very much sleep. My youngest is scared of thunder and the moment he hears a crack of it, he bolts out of bed and climbs upstairs to be with us. He typically goes right back to sleep but now there are little arms and elbows in my back. Secondarily, while I don’t get scared by the weather, the constant flashes in my eyes and the rolling thunder against the house tend to wake me up. So I’m dragging a little at work today. Read more »