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Last of the Original Nice Guys

I’ve always been a “nice guy.” There is a comment lament, one I’ve said myself, that the good-looking girls always go for the jerks and leave the nice guy out in the dust. While there is truth to it, it took me years to realize that the girl that goes for the jerk is not the girl I would be happy with. Also I just cannot be a jerk; it is not in my nature. There is also an image that nice guys get hosed in life by those not as nice. They get bad deals at the car lot, settle for mediocre service, and are easily intimidated. The problem with this is the fact that people confuse being nice with being passive; not wanting to offend. The two are definitely not equal and you can certainly be a nice guy but not a pushover. As the great philosopher Patrick Swayze says in the movie Roadhouse “Be nice until it is time to not be nice.” Read more »