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GPS from God

A while back I picked up a Dell Axim PDA. I loved this thing. It kept track of my contacts, my appointments, I could read PDFs on it, it played MP3s, I had games for it, heck I even put movies and Veggie Tales on it so I always had a portable babysitter if we were stuck somewhere for a while. It was great, but by far my favorite use for it was as a GPS tool. At the time, GPS receivers for the car were extremely expensive, but for the price of some software and a GPS that plugged into the PDA, I had turn-by –turn directions anywhere I wanted. I used it all over the country and it rocked hard. Sadly, my PDA is going terminal now and is currently on life-support. It works, but not all the time and not as fast as it use to. Also, the PDA market is almost gone now, replaced by iPods and smart phones, so my time with my Axim is reaching its end. Read more »