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Archive for October 27th, 2008


I haven’t had a watch in years. My last one died and when I replaced the battery, it refused to start up again, so I put it in the drawer with a few other watches that don’t work. Why I have a drawer with dead watches is a discussion for another day. Once I started carrying a cell phone (much later than everyone else) I started using its clock otherwise, getting the time if I needed it was not difficult. I might add, this is one of the side benefits of being on-time most of the time. So while we were on the cruise, we browsed through the stores on the ship and I saw some pretty nice watches. I then realized that I wanted a nice watch. This wasn’t one of those “mind transforms a want to a need” times when I suddenly saw something I didn’t know I wanted and I had to have it. Instead, it was a fundamental change in my thinking, a very different feeling for me. Read more »