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I’ve always liked drums. I remember being seven or eight years old in Rhode Island. Down the street from us was a family with a lot of kids, five at least. Some of the older ones used to baby sit my sister and I. We were over at there house one Saturday morning and they had a drum kit in the basement. I really wanted to play it: to hit the cymbals, thump the bass drum, bang on the snare. Unfortunately someone in the house was asleep so I never got to do it. Apparently my desire to play drums continued to manifest itself to the point where even Amy noticed. One year for Valentine’s Day, she bought me drum lessons, something I’d never have done for myself. I nervously met my drum instructor, Scott Musick from the band The Call, and we sat down and had a basic lesson. It was everything I hoped it would be and I continued on for a few years. Amy even took lessons and had fun with it. Later I started drumming for the church in the worship service, marking my transition as a real drummer. Read more »