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Attacking the Garage Part II

I mentioned in an earlier post about clearing the clutter in my garage in three sections. I’d finished the first section a few months ago and this weekend I finally tackled the second section. This area included my workbench and the shelving behind it. Every horizontal surface was covered in stuff. It just became easier to toss things on the workbench instead of putting them away, because there was no space. So Saturday morning, even though it was 37 degrees out, I took everything off the bench, under the bench, on the shelves, and put in on the garage floor. From there it became my task to put it back in such a way as to be able access everything. My first thought when I finished putting everything on the garage floor? “I’m doomed.” Read more »

New to Balance in All Things?

I received an email earlier asking where a new reader should start. This was an excellent point so here are the greatest hits on the blog:

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People of Action
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Trust your Intuition

I’ve had a GPS giving me driving directions for years, before those stick on your dash units became affordable. It was a Compact Flash GPS that plugged into my PDA. I’ve used it on every trip I’ve been on since I got it and it has worked extremely well for me. It is so nice to know that someone is there telling me where to go. On occasion though, the GPS will tell me to turn one direction and I think that I should turn the other. When I decide to go with my gut, 75% of the time I’m wrong. When I trust the GPS, I’m typically right. So fast forward to a family trip to visit my Grandmother in Maine. We drove down from Maine back to Boston to catch our flight, the little GPS telling us where to go. Then we came upon a crossroads. The highway said to take a certain exit to get to Logan airport, but the GPS said to keep going straight. What to do? Read more »

Do One Less Thing this Christmas

According to the stores, Christmas is coming. I say that because all the holiday decorations are up and Christmas music is already playing on the Muzak system. Granted, Halloween just happened and Thanksgiving is still two weeks away, but that is the retail sector for you. The start of the Christmas season used to mean the start of the busy season for me. I had so much to do and little time to do it. I figure there are three weekends in December before Christmas. All the Christmas parties I was invited to had to happen then. I had to find time to buy presents for everyone. I had to find time for the Christmas cards. I had to … well you get the picture. Read more »

Face Your Fear

When I started dating Amy, we often would rent movies and watch them together. She is a big fan of suspense movies, especially older ones, like Hitchcock’s films. So one night we rented Wait Until Dark. In the film, Audrey Hepburn is a recently blinded young woman who is basically terrorized by these three thugs who think she has a teddy bear full of heroin. The movie is extremely well done and you can imagine the suspense of a blind woman in an apartment with people there who want to do her harm. At one point, the tension increases greatly and suddenly a cat jumps out. Amy had seen the movie before and when that happened, she grabbed me and yelled to startle me. She succeeded…admirably. I actually leapt out of my seat. Read more »