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December 2017
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If ever there was a good reminder for me to stay in balance, this week is it. Taking a cruise is a whole lot of fun, but it is not a relaxing vacation. Many times you need to be on the pier by 8:00 AM for whatever excursion you wish to go on and that is after staying up late the night before, so you tend to get by on 6 or less hours of sleep. Not to mention you are running around climates that are different than what your body is used to. So now that I’m back, my nose and lungs are full of gunk. Ugh.


I simply just ran myself down while on vacation. Nothing to serious, no pneumonia or anything, just a lot of congestion. My voice has hit Barry White levels and I find myself rubbing lotion on my nose to keep it from peeling due to the large amount of blowing I’m doing. Whee.


So what had this inspired me to do? Well first off, I need to get well as quickly as possible. Lots of fluids and rest. Unfortunately, I have a class to teach this week so there are two evenings of extra activity and less sleep. Also, we still need to clean up the garage from the remains of the garage sale, get the house back in order from being gone a week, help Hope with school, play the “Lego Batman” with Piers, and make sure that Amy knows how important she is to me.


With so much going on this week, it would be easy to just knuckle down and stay up late getting it all done, which it really what I want to do. However, that would just make my sickness extend. In reality, there is nothing in that list other than the class I’m teaching that must be done this week. Still, my first reaction is to get to work. Normally this “Person of Action” concept would be applauded by the inner me, but my quality of life would increase substantially if I just got better.


So I’ve made a conscious decision to take it easy this week. I’ll do stuff as I feel up to it, but by taking this approach, I should be able to kick this in 2 or 3 days rather than 2 or 3 weeks if I kept running around. There are times in your life where you need to make a short term sacrifice for a long term gain and your health is definitely one of those times.