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December 2017
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Just Listen

So around six months back I joined a writers group here in town. I’d been to a few others but I was always the youngest person there by a large margin and didn’t quite feel like I connected with them. What I really wanted was a group that would keep me excited and motivated about writing. So a friend of mine came across my current group on and I clicked with them. They seemed excited about my novel and wanted to critique it for me, if I wanted. The process has been great and the suggestions they give me are always excellent. What is interesting is that I realized for the first time in quite a few years, I’m making new friends from scratch.


So I’m talking with Travis after last meeting. He and I have very similar tastes in books and movies and I find it real easy to talk. So we are discussing movies or something and I keep finding myself trying to interrupt what he is saying to interject my thoughts. This is something that I have a problem with, but I thought for the most part I had gotten over it. But then I realized that while I had gotten over it with most of my other friends, here were brand new people without all the history I normally have with my friends. Of course I want them to like me, and what better way than by being my witty self?


The issue is that I’m so busy trying to be witty that I’m not completely listening to what they have to say and that is just rude. When someone is talking to you, especially in a social setting, it is only polite to give them your full attention. After all, it is not like you won’t get the chance to respond. They aren’t going to finish what they are saying, get up, and leave the room. But I’m so anxious to impress that I try to jump in and bestow my wisdom.


I thought about this on the drive home from the meeting and that was when I realized it was due to me creating new relationships with these people. I’m not sure they even noticed my interruptions, but I told myself that next time, I’ll be more cognizant of my actions during the conversation. Just a minor adjustment to show good manners and good manners are never wasted.