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January 2018
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The Lost Art of the Thank You Card

Yesterday Amy and I went to a wonderful Christmas party hosted by my writing group. One thing I enjoyed about it was interacting with people I did not know too well and also I finally got to show off my wife to them. As I was getting ready for bed, I realized the perfect way to express my appreciation for the invitation was a Thank You card with a quick note in it. Read more »

The Job Will Get Done

Sunday started off a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny. By the evening, the temperature dropped to below freezing and sleet hit. The next morning a nice and shiny covering of icy lay on the ground. Unfortunately, this scenario is not unusual in Oklahoma. Driving to work wasn’t too bad, just the neighborhood streets were really slick. The next day was a little worse as all of the driving on the streets melted the ice just enough to zambonie it. When Amy came home from work, she couldn’t get the car up the driveway, the tires just spun. So I came out to see what I could do. Read more »

Just Sign Here

Recently at work I became a check signer. Basically that means when we print checks, I’m one of the people authorized to sign the checks. Woo hoo. I became a signer by virtue of being at the office early in the morning when the checks are printed and being super-reliable so there is no real honor or pay raise for my additional responsibility. Instead it means that three times a week I get a stack of paper dumped on my desk and I get to sign each page. It’s like closing on your mortgage three times a week. Read more »

Lots of Christmas Presents

So one year, while I was single and in my mid-twenties, my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas. For some reason, I decided that what I wanted was a lot of presents. I didn’t care so much what they were but I wanted a lot and that was what I told them. As the boxes came in from across the country I realized that I had indeed received a lot of presents. Best Christmas ever, right? I would have thought so. Read more »

Everybody’s an Artist

My daughter wants to be an artist when she grows up. She is always drawing pictures and constantly brings a stream of new pictures to us. Casting my mind back I remember that I too drew constantly. If you looked at my schoolwork you would notice lots of weapons, tanks, and spaceships in the margins of the paper. What is interesting about this is that I am a terrible artist. I want to be able to draw well but I just can’t seem to do it. Part of it is lack of formal training and practice, but part of it is also a lack of natural talent. Still, I do enjoy drawing and will occasionally doodle for the fun of it. Read more »