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Just Keep Swimming

swimmingFor me, keeping a basic routine helps keep me balanced. I know generally what to expect when and I can make appropriate adjustments when necessary to my schedule. But for long term projects, say losing weight or writing a book, I find that my motivation disappears after a while. I need to identify these times when my motivation is waning and take immediate steps to prevent it from interfering with my goals.

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I’m Scared Sarge

scaredThere is a part in Ernest Goes To Camp where two turtles are about to parachute from some height. I don’t remember why, it is an Ernest movie after all, but one turtle says to the other “I’m scared Sarge.” The other turtle replies “We’re all scared son.” Who knows why this sticks with me but it does and there is some important truth in that quick exchange. We are all scared.

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I Just Don’t Have the Time

clockOne of my big epiphanies came when I felt I was in a deep struggle with writing my first novel. I knew I would need to schedule a certain amount of time to write each day or I would lose momentum and never finish. But when could I do this? I had a full-time job, two small children, and plenty of other responsibilities. When talking this over with my wife, I figured I would need to block out about an hour to and hour-and-a-half each night to get my writing done. Looking at my schedule I realized that I could do that after the kids went to bed but it would mean a sacrifice…that was my prime video game time.

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Is Good Enough Good Enough?

Paint RollerAt one of the company’s I worked at we had a Quality Assurance engineer. I had helped him get on-line (this was back when everything was dial-up) and on the personal information screen for AOL, he had written the quote “Good enough never is.” I chuckled about it and told him I thought it was funny. The look he returned told me instantly that it wasn’t a joke. He really felt that way. I figured that if you were in QA then you probably did need to think that way. Read more »

Easy Credit Terms Available

credit cardI’ve been going through my credit report and closing the accounts that I no longer use. Some of these have been on my report for over a decade with no activity so I’m going through the various customer service phone lines and trying to get them closed. I’m surprised at times how easy and how difficult this task is. It should be a matter of telling them I want to close my account and they do it. One of the cards it was just that easy. For the rest though it was kind of a pain. Read more »