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January 2018
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Amy and I had one major goal while on the cruise: Do not gain weight. When we took our honeymoon cruise we discovered that we put on about 8 pounds in the course of a week. That also started a downhill weight gain that lasted years. So this time around, we were not going to gain weight. It turned out to be not as difficult as I thought it would be. The primary thing was we did not eat everything that was available to us. We ate reasonable amounts and stopped eating when we felt full. We also stayed active on the cruise, even going as far as taking a spinning class. The end result: Amy stayed current and I actually lost a couple of pounds. Woot! Read more »


If ever there was a good reminder for me to stay in balance, this week is it. Taking a cruise is a whole lot of fun, but it is not a relaxing vacation. Many times you need to be on the pier by 8:00 AM for whatever excursion you wish to go on and that is after staying up late the night before, so you tend to get by on 6 or less hours of sleep. Not to mention you are running around climates that are different than what your body is used to. So now that I’m back, my nose and lungs are full of gunk. Ugh. Read more »


doctorSo I’ve been working hard on reducing the stress in my life and find balance in everything. Overall things are moving in a forward direction and progress is being made. With our budget we have a good handle on things financially, socially we continue to enjoy our circle of friends, family-wise the kids are doing great and we are having fun together. I’ve applied the concept of balance to the food I eat and am slowly losing weight, through better time management life at the office is less stressful, and I’ve lessened my TV watching to a much more manageable level. But last weekend I was reminded of one thing I had not paid much attention to. Read more »

Getting Some Zzzzs

BedWe had thunderstorms roll through last night again which meant that I did not get very much sleep. My youngest is scared of thunder and the moment he hears a crack of it, he bolts out of bed and climbs upstairs to be with us. He typically goes right back to sleep but now there are little arms and elbows in my back. Secondarily, while I don’t get scared by the weather, the constant flashes in my eyes and the rolling thunder against the house tend to wake me up. So I’m dragging a little at work today. Read more »

Fighting the Weight Gain

In most aspects of my life I am able to keep in balance with little effort. The main exception is in the case ofScale my weight. Here it is truly a war between what I want to do versus what I should do. I find it interesting that seeking balance in other aspects of my life is challenging but fairly easy to accomplish, but when it comes to food I really want that next bite. Read more »