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January 2018
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Favorite Blogs

There are a handful of blogs that I read on a regular basis. I like their focus the community they foster. Since most tread around the same area as Balance in All Things, I thought I’d recommend them to you.


Get Rich Slowly  This was the first blog that I read regularly. What was interesting was that JD (the site owner) and I finished our debt-removal programs around the same time. It is a great site with practical thoughts on money.


Consumerist  The focus on this is consumer alerts and action. Basically it hs warnings about companies that fail at customer service and kudos to those who succeed. It is full of suggestions about what to do if a company fails you.


Art of Manliness Originally, this caught my eye because the owner is from Tulsa. This is all about men being the best man they can be. The blog’s style and purpose are well-defined and the community is always ready to help.


Dumb Little Man  A story of a man and his attempt to better himself and deal with life. A variety of topics geared towards men and the situations they often find themselves in.


Unclutterer  A blog about removing clutter? Sign me up. It is a great help in keeping my eye on the prize.


The Simple Dollar  (clutter is money) The latest post (Clutter is Money) really hit home with me. This is a great site that gives simple tips to help its readers use their money in the best way possible.


So take a gander at these other sites, but be sure to come back to mine tomorrow. I’d miss you if you left.

New to Balance in All Things?

I received an email earlier asking where a new reader should start. This was an excellent point so here are the greatest hits on the blog:

What is Balance in All Things?
The Most Powerful Word
I Just Don’t Have the Time

People of Action
It’s All Too Much
My Continuing War on Clutter

Happy Halloween

With all of the Ghosts and Goblin preparation to do, I’ll be taking today off from the blog. I’ll be back Monday with more Balancy goodness.

Enjoy the trick-or-treating.

100 Posts

Honestly, I’m surprised I made it this far. So I’m going to celebrate today and thank all of you for helping make my blog a success.

Thanks everyone.