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The Arcade Cabinet

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, my fertile young brain became exposed to one of the greatest inventions of all time: the video game. From playing Space Invaders at the local arcade to playing Space Invaders on my Atari 2600, I loved playing video games. To be honest, I loved them too much and played far more often than I should. I remember playing Asteroids on my 2600 one Saturday and wanting to roll my score over, meaning that after I scored 99,999 points, the score would roll over to 0. I did it after I don’t know how many hours and actually had a blister on my palm as a reward. Growing up, I thought the coolest thing in the world would be to have an arcade cabinet in the house. Think of it, you could play all you want and it wouldn’t take any quarters. A few years back, I decided to live my dream, only I wouldn’t buy an arcade cabinet… I’d build one. Read more »