Finding balance in a chaotic world

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What is Balance in All Things?

Balance in all things?

Is this a yoga site? How about a gymnastics site?

Nope, sorry. It is simply a blog to discuss the changes in my life as I try to better balance all of the conflicting elements that vie for my precious time. I am hopeful that I can hear from you as you talk about the best ways you have found to keep your life in balance.

We all have so many facets to our lives these days: financial, physical, spiritual, emotional, and relational. Each one of these pulls at us with certain needs and looks to gain a monopoly on the one commodity we cannot make more of: time. Each of these facets are interrelated and when one gains dominance, the others wane causing imbalance in our lives and additional stress that we just don’t need. For example, a recent study showed that people who sleep less than seven hours at night are more likely to be overweight.

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