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Road Rage

FreewaySo picture this. It is the second day of school for my daughter. She is attending pre-K at the local elementary school and I had taken the first day off so we could all go as a family. Since I get off work fairly early I wanted to pick her up after school to hear all about her day. So this is the first time I get to do this and I’m anxious about being late. As fate would have it, traffic is heavy on the way to the highway. In front of me is a guy in a new Mercedes talking on his cell phone. The temp tag is laying on the back window of the car, illegible. He keeps sitting there in the stop and go traffic, only moving up long after everyone else has. It is frustrating me, but since traffic is moving at all of 25 mph it’s not like he is holding me back. We finally make it to the on ramp and he is still dawdling up the hill (and gabbing on his cell phone). Apparently he felt I was tailgating him so he brake checks me. At this point, I’m thinking “Fine, just get on the highway and I’ll pass you later.” I take my foot off of the accelerator and wait for him to move on, but he has a different idea. Read more »