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Madrigal Dinner

FeastSo a friend of mine, the one who started Melee, asked me one year if I would be interested in participating in a fund raiser for a domestic violence center. This sounded like such a sophisticated and mature thing for me to do so I said yes. He told me they were doing a Madrigal dinner, basically a recreation of a medieval dinner. He need people to play the royalty and tapped me on the shoulder. I was to play the Castellan of the castle, basically the chief financial officer. I dressed up in some medieval garb, was assigned a lady to escort, and sat at the head table with the king and queen and the Chancellor and his lady. We would march in behind tumblers and jugglers, act royal, and make some occasionally pronouncements about the next stage of the dinner. My good friend Tim would be part of it as well so while neither of us had done anything like this before, we vowed to have a good time at it. Read more »