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My Wife is a Great Cook

It’s true, Amy is an amazing cook. That is probably why we only eat out a few times a month. Shocking when compared to the average American who, according to various studies, eat 4 – 5 meals out a week. When I was single, I was a passable cook, relying on books such as “Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her” and “Cooking with 5 Ingredients or Less” to keep me from starving. It wasn’t that I did not like to cook, but it took a lot of time to cook and I would be frustrated by all of the lingo. Blanche, sauté, simmer, dice, julienne, broil, braise, brown, crumble, whip, etc. I’d read over a recipe and think “that sounds good.” The directions seemed easy until I came to the point of actually preparing the dish. Then suddenly I’d get hung up on terminology. I’d start to question what it meant or when a process was truly done. Did I sauté the onions long enough? Hard to tell when there is one little paragraph telling you how to make an entire dish. Thanks goodness for Alton Brown. Read more »