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Lists, Lists, Lists

I’ve always been sort of a pack rat when it comes to paper. It probably stems back from childhood when my father always insisted I used both sides of the paper to draw on before getting a new one. It probably hit its apex in college. It seemed like there was always some kind of flyer in my mailbox, so I’d stack them up and whenever I needed some scratch paper, I just wrote on the back. I remember Mike, my suitemate, joking about how I would be in charge of the recycling program. After college, I still had about a ream of this scratch paper that I actually moved to my new apartment and stored it in my storage unit there. Why? The practice continues at work. I cut a bunch of old printouts into quarters and use it for jotting down notes. It is a convenient size and it is essentially free. I have a new problem now, though. Lists on quarter-sheet sized paper. Lots of lists. Read more »